Research Agenda for Women and Gender Studies Librarianship

I. Intellectual Access

Collection development and evaluation (revised 2019)
Critical information literacy and feminist pedagogy
Discovery and subject access (revised 2018)
Gender and technology (revised 2019)
LGBTQ+ community — information needs
Public library gender issues (revised 2019)
Scholarly communications (revised 2019)
Women’s health information-seeking (revised 2019)
Women internationally — information needs (revised 2019)

II. Professional Issues

Gender, Race, and Sexuality in the LIS Profession (revised 2022, in process)
History of women in librarianship

This Research Agenda is currently undergoing revision. Portions that do not say “revised 2018/2019” are from the 2012 2nd edition of the research agenda. When completed, this will be the third edition.

The Agenda is divided into two major fields: intellectual access, which relates to the creation, access, description, collection, and teaching of women and gender studies information resources, and professional issues, which involves looking at the field of librarianship through a feminist lens.