Research Agenda — Gender and Technology

Diane Fulkerson, Library Director at SUNY Brockport

Earlier studies focused on gender differences in information seeking behaviors, website production and aesthetics. Other earlier studies focused on differences in attitudes toward technology. Recent studies focus on gender differences using technology for teaching and learning. The literature reviews conducted by, Cai, Fan, & Du (2017) and Goswami & Dutta (2016), of empirical studies of gender differences in technology use build on the work of Urquhart & Yeoman (2010).

The results from the studies focused on the use of technology in teaching and learning indicated gender was a factor. Every study indicated gender had an impact on the use or adoption of technology in education. Each of the studies indicated the need for future research to determine the extent gender influences the use of technology in educational settings. While previous studies used self-reporting regarding the use of technology the results from recent studies are based on observation or data collected from course management systems.

Full citations for all works cited in this essay can be located on the Bibliography of Scholarship on Women and Gender Studies Librarianship.