Research Agenda — LGBTQ+ Community

Rothbauer’s 2005 study of lesbian and queer young women’s information seeking practices showed that these young women read lesbian/queer materials both to provide a vision of the possibilities for their own lives and to provide a sense of community. Reading practices can lead to community by connecting with local queer women writers, sharing books with others and having book discussions. Unfortunately, libraries were not seen by respondents as good places to find these materials because they were too hard to identify in the catalog. Instead lesbian and queer young women primarily found materials by looking for lists on the internet. Also, in addition to books they read fanfiction, web comics, and web zines, which are internet only.

How can libraries facilitate better access to materials with lesbian content?
How can libraries facilitate the creation of community around lesbian reading practices?
How can libraries provide access to and preservation of fanfiction, web comics, and web zines?

Full citations for all works cited in this essay can be located on the Bibliography of Scholarship on Women and Gender Studies Librarianship.