Core Books – Deleting Records

Some titles appear on more than one subject list. Because the database does not have duplicate records, a title on your subject list may also appear on someone else’s subject list. You are responsible for deleting titles FROM YOUR SUBJECT ONLY.

YOU MUST BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL TO CHECK FOR MULTIPLE SUBJECT LISTINGS. If there is more than one subject listed, DO NOT DELETE the record. If you choose to remove a title from your list that is also on another subject list, you will need to EDIT the record to remove your subject listing, rather than delete the record. You should also remove your name from the Private Comments field in this case.

If the title is out of print, please just remove your subject and name only and assume that the person with the final remaining subject listed will note the out-of-print status and delete the record.

If you delete a record by mistake: You will need to re-enter the data for that record. 

Your attention to detail and careful data entry is imperative!

Process to delete a book:

  • Review current list and note titles that are no longer in print. By definition, out-of-print titles should not be included in the Core Books database.
  • Bring up the record for the title to be deleted in LibraryThing by entering title or ISBN in the “Search your library” box.
  • Click the “Edit book” link.
  • Review the tags, comments, and private comments fields to confirm that you are the only subject listed.
  • Click the “Delete book” link.

If there are any other subject tags within the ACRLWGSS LibraryThing library catalog, then you should not delete the record. 

Process to remove a book from your subject when other subjects are listed:

  • Click the “Edit book” link.
  • Remove your subject from the Tags field.
  • Remove any listing in the Comments field for your subject (e.g. Added 2004, Essential title).
  • Remove your name from the Private Comments field.

Screen Capture Demonstrations:

  • Updating a record to delete your subject/submitter name only
    • includes login demo
  • Deleting a record (your subject only, no other subject/submitter on record)