Where to Publish Your Research

The WGSS Publications Committee created a list of journals that would make appropriate publication venues for articles written on the topics found in the Research Agenda. Information about these journals and their review process is gathered here as a resource for researchers seeking publication outlets. The table below also includes cross-references to the portions of the research agenda that are most relevant to that journal.

Journal Title Review No. Ext. Rev. Acceptance Rate Editor’s Location WGSS Research Agenda Area*
Against the Grain: Linking Publishers, Vendors and Librarians Blind 2 60% USA I-d, I-e
Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity Peer 0-1 NA UK I-c, I-f
Alexandria: The Journal of National and International Library and Information Issues Blind 1 50% UK I-c, I-f
Archival Issues Blind 0 50% USA I-e
Archival Science Double-Blind Peer 2 60% Germany I-b, I-e
Archives of Sexual Behavior Double-Blind Peer 3 40% Canada I-e
Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian Blind 0 65% USA I-a, I-b, I-c, I-d, I-g
Book History Blind 2 21-30% USA I-f
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly Blind 2 55% USA I-a, I-b
Collection Building Blind 2 70% USA I-a, I-d
Collection Management Blind 65% USA I-a, I-d, I-e
College & Research Libraries Blind 2 40% USA I-c, I-d, I-e, I-f, II-a
College & Undergraduate Libraries Blind 2 67% USA I-c, I-g, II-a
Communications in Information Literacy Blind 3+ 34% USA I-f, I-g
Computers & Education Blind 2 24% USA I-c
Computers in Human Behavior Blind 2 30% USA I-c
Culture, Health & Sexuality Blind 2+ 31-50% UK I-a, I-c
Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies Blind NA NA USA I-f, II-a
Feminism & Psychology Blind 3 15-20% New Zealand I-a, I-b
Feminist Media Studies Blind 2 NA UK I-a
Feminist Review Blind Up to 4 NA UK I-f, I-g, II-a
Feminist Studies Peer NA NA USA I-b, I-d, II-a
Feminist Teacher Blind 2 15% USA I-g, II-a
Feminist Theory Double-blind 2 NA UK I-b, I-c, I-f,I-g, II-a
Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies Peer NA NA USA I-c, I-f, II-a
Gender & History Blind NA NA UK I-c, II-a, II-b
Gender, Place & Culture Blind NA NA UK I-f
Gender & Society Blind NA <10% USA I-b, I-c, I-g, II-a
Gender & Education Blind 2 11-20% UK I-c, I-f, I-g
Gender in Management: an International Journal Double-Blind Peer 2 41% UK II-a
Gender Issues Peer NA NA USA I-c, I-f, II-a
Gender, Work & Organization Double-Blind Peer 3 5% UK II-a
GLQ: a Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies Blind NA NA USA I-e
Health Information and Libraries Journal Double-Blind Peer 3 42% UK I-c
IFLA Journal Blind 2 NA Portugal I-f
Information & Culture Blind 2 48% USA I-e, II-a
Information Processing & Management
(IR & HCI, etc)
Blind 2 30% Switzerland I-b, I-c
Information Research: an International Electronic Journal Peer 2 35% UK I-c, I-f
Information Technology and Libraries Blind 2 40% Canada I-b, I-f
Informing Science: The International Journal of an Emerging Transdiscipline Blind 3+ 6-10% USA I-c, I-f
International Feminist Journal of Politics Blind 2+ USA I-f
International Information and Library Review Blind 2 15-20% USA I-f
International Journal of Cyber Ethics in Education Blind 3 New Journal Turkey I-c
International Journal of Digital Library Systems Blind 2 20% USA I-a, I-e
International Journal of Learning Technology Blind 3+ 30% UK I-g
International Journal of Library Science Peer 2 42% India I-c, I-e, I-f, II-a
International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning Blind 3 60% Australia I-g
International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies Blind 3 20% Hong Kong I-g
International Journal on E-Learning Blind 0 11-20% USA I-g
Internet Reference Services Quarterly Blind 3+ 70% USA I-a, I-b, I-c, I-d, II-a
Journal of Academic Librarianship Blind 2 45% USA I-b, I-c, I-d, I-f, I-g, II-a
Journal of Access Services Blind 3+ 50% USA I-a, I-e
Journal of Archival Organization Blind 3+ 50% USA I-e
Journal of College Teaching and Learning Blind 1 21-30% USA I-g
Journal of Documentation Blind 2 30% UK I-b, I-c, I-d, I-e, I-f, II-a
Journal of e-Learning and Higher Education Blind 2 30% USA I-g
Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship Blind 3+ 50% USA I-a, I-b, I-d, I-e, I-f
Journal of Information Science Double-Blind Peer 3+ 42% UK I-b, I-c, I-d, I-e, I-f, I-g, II-a
Journal of Library Administration Blind 3+ 50% USA II-a
Journal of Library Metadata Blind 3+ 50% USA I-b, I-c
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Editorial 2 34% USA I-a, I-b, I-e, I-g
Journal of the Society of Archivists Blind 1 50% UK I-e
Journal of Web Librarianship Blind 2 42% USA I-a, I-e, I-g, II-a
Libraries & the Cultural Record Double-Blind Peer 2 50% USA II-b
Libraries: Culture, History, and Society Double-Blind Peer 2 New USA II-aII-b
Library & Information History Double-Blind Peer 1 70% UK I-b, II-b
Library & Information Science Research Blind 2 15-20% USA I-c, I-g, II-a
Library Collections, Acquisitions and Technical Services Blind 2 21-30% USA I-b, I-d, I-f
Library Hi Tech Blind 2 47% Germany I-c
Library Management Blind 2 53% Hong Kong II-a
Library Quarterly, The Blind 3+ 18-19% USA I-c, I-d, I-e, I-f, II-a
Library Resources & Technical Services Blind 2 50% USA I-b, I-d, I-e
Library Review Blind 2 53% UK I-d, I-g, II-a, II-b
Libri: International Journal of Libraries and Information Science Editorial 2 25% USA I-c, I-f, I-g, II-a
New Library World Blind 2 57% UK II-a
New Review of Academic Librarianship Editorial NA NA UK I-d, I-f, I-g, II-a
Portal: Libraries and the Academy Blind 2 60% USA I-c, I-d, I-g, II-a
Progressive Librarian Editorial 0 40% USA I-b, I-c, I-d, I-e, I-g, II-a
Reference & User Services Quarterly Blind 2 25% USA I-c, I-d, I-g
Reference Librarian, The Blind 0 50% USA I-a, I-c, I-d, I-g
Serials Librarian, The Blind 0 75% UK I-a, I-b
Serials Review Blind 1 21-30% USA I-a, I-b, I-d
Technical Services Quarterly Blind 3+ 50% USA I-c, I-d, II-a


*WGSS Research Agenda Coding system for Journal List
WGSS Research Agenda Topic Code for Journal List
Database Coverage of Women & Gender Studies Materials I-a
Discovery & Subject Access I-b
Users–Info Seeking Behavior/Information Needs Analysis I-c
Collection Development & Evaluation I-d
Women’s Archives & Special Libraries I-e
Scholarly Communications I-f
Information Literacy & Women’s Studies in Higher Education I-g
Feminism & Librarianship II-a
History of Women in Librarianship II-b