RBMS 2024 Proposals, Scholarship Applications Due Dec. 15

RBMS 2024 is coming up June 25-28 in Costa Mesa, California. We recently returned from a site visit and couldn’t be more excited about our conference city! Check out the newly added Destination Preview page on the conference website, complete with photos and highlights of this California City of the Arts.

The deadline to submit proposals is December 15 and if you’re still pondering a topic, check out these ideas provided by attendees on the RBMS 2023 conference evaluation.

  • Access and Accessibility: Making medieval manuscripts and incunabula accessible online and onsite and overcoming contemporary access and disability issues.
  • Advocacy in Cultural Heritage Institutions: Fundraising, lobbying, and public outreach at institutional, national, and local government levels.
  • Collections and Diversity: Addressing diversity in collections, subject-specific topics, and curatorial concerns.
  • Data in Special Collections: Utilizing data as a research methodology and collecting diverse datasets.
  • Generational Turnover and Inter-generational Conversations: Facilitating dialogue between generations in the field.
  • Stewardship and Sustainability: Examining new ideas around stewardship, ethics of collecting, and caring for collections.
  • Storytelling and Teaching with Collections: Integrating storytelling and teaching methods with special collections.
  • Success Stories and Positive Aspects: Highlighting what is going right in the field.
  • Technology in Libraries and Future Trends: Embracing technology while emphasizing in-person engagement.
  • The Lifespan of a Book: Exploring the entire lifecycle of a book, from idea generation to preservation.

RBMS anticipates offering $20,000 of scholarships to subsidize attendance at this conference. The section is committed to increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion in membership and the special collections and archives profession. Check out the Apply for Scholarship page today for all the details. Scholarship applications have the same deadline as proposals, December 15, 2023.