The Arts Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries provides a forum for discussion, learning, and resource sharing between librarians and others working in or interested in the visual and performing arts.

Many specialist librarians in the arts belong to other professional organizations, such as the Art Libraries Society of North America, Music Library Association, and the Theatre Library Association. Therefore, the Arts Section serves as an umbrella group for special librarians primarily associated with academic collections emphasizing architecture, art, cinema, music, or theater and for other librarians who have an active interest in these and related subjects (i.e. book arts, design, dance, film/video, television) whether or not it is part of their current positions.

Arts Section Governance Procedures
The governance procedures describe the responsibilities of the Section’s leaders and groups.

Arts Section Leadership
Rosters of current Section officers, committee members, and other leaders are accessible through the ACRL website.

Arts Section Publications
These include the Arts Newsletter, ArtsGuide, and the Arts Section website.

The website is an important information resource and communication tool for the Section. It lists the current Section Officers, Committee Chairs, and Committee members, affiliates, meeting minutes, and business/activities pertaining to the Arts Section. The website is coordinated by the Section’s Webmaster, who is also an ex-officio member of the Publications Committee.

ACRL Section Resources
ACRL Contact Information as well as resources for working with ACRL which includes forms and a guide to policies and procedures.

Section History
Newsletter archive, minutes of meetings, past leaders, brochure with information about Arts and previous Arts programs at ALA Annual conferences. There is also a 50th Anniversary (1959 – 2009 chronology and notable dates complied by Stephan Allen Patrick.